• Retrofitting automation

  • Flexibility & Modularity

  • Minimal expenditure

  • Picking floor to ceiling

What are we doing?

is developing SqUID, the only warehouse fully-automated solution that easily adapts to the customer’s current working model of operation, using the same facilities, same boxes and same shelving racks. Our solution picks from floor to ceiling and retrofits onto any existing warehouse infrastructure.

consists of a synchronized autonomous robotic fleet that has 3-dimensional movement capabilities, allowing a fully flexible operation. A high-end embedded control system and smart real-time data analysis allow BionicHIVE’s algorithmic engine to dynamically learn problems created in one warehouse and apply resolutions to all warehouses in the network.

About us

Researching down the need, disrupting the whole mindset, originating a full solution

BionicHIVE core team has over 100 years of accumulated competence in technology development, large scale projects deployment and turning good ideas into commercial products.

Our knowledge base stems from cutting edge military & defense tactical robots, AGVs, UAVs and complex command & control systems.

The SqUID solution design, research & development, testing & integration, machine behavior and more, are done completely in-house while gaining a full pipeline of novel IP and on-going accumulation of know-how.

Knowledge base and expertise

Mathematical modeling & simulation
Business development & commercialization
High-complexity mechanical design
Computer vision & machine learning
Testing, integration & manufacturing

SqUID Solution Features

Automation on existing warehouse

Mounted directly on a standard pallet rack, at any working facility, the SqUID solution will automate all package/case handling from receiving to shipping.

Floor to ceiling picking & put-away

With increasing demand to larger SKU quantities and spreader picking face, SqUID can pick from any location, with no difference if it's on the floor or 20m/60ft high.

Seamless deployment - no downtime

Gradual implementation from aisle to aisle or full warehouse installation - the Squid deployment can be done parallel to workflow with virtually no downtime.

Services-based business model

Pay per use with no CAPEX investment. BionicHIVE's charging model allows its customers to consume automation as needed. Peak times do no longer dictate the minimum!

Core Technology

Machine Learning based algorithmic engine
What is Machine learning?

At our RTTM (Real-Time Traffic Management) core lies a linear-programming based model fed to a solver. The solver is backed by a heuristic algorithm and this "Job Optimizer" reacting as a self-learning controller which handles all system's missions and constraints.

AI based advanced capabilities
What is AI?

The SqUID system greatest challenge is facing enormous amount of multi-disciplinary details. All those details need be arranged meticulously but flexibly, so that the frequent introduction of customer-dictated features can be met. A smart mathematical model resolving that in real-time.

HRC - Human Robot Collaboration
What is HRC?

BionicHIVE is developing the system with high level of conformity to universal safety standards: *safety matters concerning environment where humans are sharing same working space with the SqUID *safety matters concerning a machine behavior for obstacle avoidance & maneuvering uses.

Microservices architectural Design
What is Microservices?

Inherent redundancy achieved by launching instances of micro-services on one or more machines upon need. In case of a robot failure, the server will receive an error status or stop receiving status altogether for the malfunctioning platform and assign a new robot to the orphaned task.

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