• Floor to Ceiling picking face

  • Robotic Fleet at Your Service

  • Flexibility & Scalability on Existing Infrastructure

BionicHIVE is developing SqUID, an automatic warehouse solution based on a fleet of synchronized autonomous robots that are retrofitted onto existing warehouse infrastructure.

The solution consists of multiple multidirectional autonomous robots that have 3 dimensional movement capabilities and extend the picking face from floor to ceiling.

Revolutionizing Single-Case Picking at Any Height

SqUID is a fully automatic warehouse solution that offers both flexible order fulfillment and two-way connectivity to Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)


Retrofitting Floor to Ceiling Automation
Our system is retrofitted onto your infrastructure, slashing your CAPEX

Robots adopt to your current workflow and model

More shelves on same floor area

Infrastructure grows alongside your warehouse needs


BionicHIVE patent-pending technology consists of three separate expertise areas


Our leadership team has over 90 years of accumulated technology development, building and deploying large scale projects and turning disruptive ideas into successful companies. Multiple expertise areas include multi-disciplinary distributed systems, image processing & analysis, dynamic data networking and many more.

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