• Retrofitting automation

  • Flexibility & Modularity

  • Minimal expenditure

  • Picking floor to ceiling

Welcome to a New Age of Automation

At last, automation that adapts to any warehouse,
so you don’t need to adapt to automation.

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BionicHIVE introduces SqUID, a fully automated, autonomous robotic solution that combines the intelligence and flexibility of humans with the power and efficiency of robots. SqUID is the only fully-automated warehouse solution that easily adapts to the customer’s current working model of operation, using the same facilities, same boxes and same shelving racks. Our solution is capable of pick and put-away, floor to ceiling and retrofits onto any existing warehouse.

SqUID consists of a synchronized autonomous robotic fleet that has 3-dimensional movement capabilities, allowing a fully flexible operation. A high-end embedded control system and smart real-time data analysis allows BionicHIVE’s algorithmic engine to dynamically learn problems created in one warehouse and apply resolutions to all warehouses in the network.

No More Barriers to Automation

That’s right. No requirements, no start-up Capex. Your warehouse is perfect just the way it is - automate any warehouse, from large to small, anywhere, as is, from regular pallet, VNA, to light duty library shelves.

One Stop Automation

From the warehouse, through the distribution center to the delivery truck, any box, any shelf or height – BionicHIVE offers a solution based on a fleet of autonomous robots, capable of floor to ceiling pick and put-away while working alongside your labor force on existing operations.

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