Intelligence of Humans, Efficiency of Robots

Providing an end-to-end automation solution to warehouses built for human labor.

Delivering innovation to existing warehouses quickly and seamlessly.

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Meet SqUID

Same Racks / Same Workflow / Huge Gains

Next Day Automation

Within days, cut costs, increase storage space and receive all the benefits of automation without making any changes to your existing operations

  • SqUID is a fully automated, autonomous robotic solution that picks and replenishes boxes and delivers them anywhere in the facility.
  • The solution is implemented within days, adapting to the customer’s current working model of operation, using the same facilities, same boxes and same shelving racks.

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The company has earned praise from the World Economic Forum for

“ushering a new age of automation”.

After seeing the SqUID on Twitter, Elon Musk commented

“The robot future is coming”.

BionicHive is proud to count Amazon as one of its investors,

“through Amazon’s Industrial Innovation Fund”.

Removing Barriers to Automation

Retrieve any box, anytime, anywhere

Pick and put-away any box at any height, from the dock to the shelf and back.

Store more in less space

Increase storage density and maximize the use of every shelf up to the ceiling.

Retrofit Automation

Adapts to your workflow, using the same facilities, same boxes and same shelving racks

Scale within minutes

Start with a few robots and add more, seamlessly, as needed. Grow or reduce your robot workforce as your business demands

Flatten peak times and volatility

Work 24/7, zero errors, predict peak times and automatically optimize fleet

Relieve traffic from floor

Robots move on walls & ceiling, relieving traffic from floor, the most dense and costly area of a warehouse

Implement within days

No downtime to existing operations

Minimal Capex

Since our system utilizes the infrastructure you already have, you pay for our robots only as you need them

Floor-to-Ceiling Picking in Existing Warehouses

The SqUID consists of a synchronized autonomous robotic fleet that has 3-dimensional movement capabilities. Coupled with advanced AI that provides it with human-like agility and on-the-fly decision making capabilities, the solution delivers efficient, accurate and fully autonomous automation to facilities of all sizes.

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