Frequently Asked Questions

Are you taking on more projects at this time? Arrow

Yes. At this stage, we are focused on implementing at select client sites in the United States. If interested, please fill out the Contact form and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly.

When will this be available outside the United States? Arrow

BionicHIVE is looking to make the solution available in other countries by mid-2025.

Can I purchase one robot? What is the cost of one robot? Arrow

The robots are not sold individually. The SqUID system consist of multiple robots and smart algorithmic engine that run the fleet to provide an automated solution. Rather, we sell the solution to a facility and the price is determined based on the scope of the project.

Where is BionicHIVE located? Arrow

BionicHIVE is actively expanding our international presence.

Currently, our Headquarters is in Denver Colorado, USA and we have R&D lab in Israel.

Can I invest in your company? Arrow

Investment inquiries are welcome. For investment inquiries, please fill out the Contact form.

Does this integrate with our WMS and ERP? Arrow

Our solution can integrate with any WMS and ERP.

Can it pick multiple boxes at once? Arrow

Yes, BionicHIVE is working on the future versions of the robots that will have the robots have interchangeable robotic arms with multi-box picking capability.

Can it retrieve cases from a pallet? Arrow

Yes, the robot can receive boxes from a pallet by working together with a depalletizer. In some use case the robots will be able to pick directly from a pallet.

Can it pick double or triple deep? Arrow

Yes, the robot has the capability of retrieving boxes that are stored double or triple deep.

Can it pick items that are more than 32 lbs? Arrow

The company made dozens of use cases with potential customers and based on this data, we are not offering this option at this time but as of the ease of changing components in the robots, we may offer that in the future.


Can it work in a refrigerated environment? Arrow

Yes, BionicHIVE tested the SqUID in refrigerated environment. We are more concentrated on cooled and ambient environments though.

Does Amazon own this company? Arrow

Amazon does not own BionicHIVE.

Amazon has invested in BionicHIVE  as it believes that our technology is unique and can change how thing works in the logistics and distribution worlds.

Amazon invested through its Industrial Innovation Fund.

Can I see a live demo in the United States? Arrow

Please fill out our Contact form and we’ll try to accommodate the request.

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