Immediate automation in a warehouse built for humans.

BionicHIVE introduces SqUID

a fully automated, autonomous robotic solution that combines the intelligence and adaptability of humans with the power and efficiency of robots.

The SqUID eliminates the need to manually pick or walk between aisles, delivering automation that is powerful, affordable and nimble.

Keeping the same infrastructure and the same workflow, the adoption is seamless. Yet, the associates are free to accomplish a lot more with much less effort.

The robots can travel on the ground alongside humans and other equipment and, with a simple installation of rails, they can also move vertically on any rack, placing and retrieving boxes and delivering them anywhere in the facility.

The SqUID is fully scalable, allowing facilities to adopt them gradually. It is also fully upgradable so, as technology advances, new capabilities and features can be added to the existing hardware.

The SqUID can be deployed in a wide range of Logistics and Supply Chain facilities utilizing the existing shelving racks and boxes to pick and put-away from floor to ceiling bringing immediate automation for built-for-human environments.


Automation that adapts to the facility, not the other way around


No need for new racks

Fast to install

Rails can be installed in a matter of days

Quick ROI

Purchase or Lease

Minimal change

Retain the workflow

Productivity Boost

No need for workers to walk to place or retrieve items


Start with a few robots and add more, seamlessly, as needed

Zero Errors

Virtually zero errors, as the robot records exact item and location each time

No Downtime

Batteries are swapped easily and robots themselves don't require charging