Our Company

BionicHIVE was founded in 2016 by Liran Raizer, Olivier Haddad and Tomer Amit.

Our story began when our founders were set on a mission to understand why the vast majority of warehouses still depend on manual labor despite seemingly a plethora of solutions. After visiting dozens of warehouses, the observation of the VP of Logistics of a shoe warehouse was especially revealing.

Pointing at his 30 ft shelving rack, he said:

“Look, in our industry the number and types of SKUs constantly change, while delivery times become shorter. Everything has to be easily accessible, immediately – and all the time. Imagine having to go up 30ft to reach that specific shoe model, sorting through thousands of shoes in every style, size and color variation, all in a very limited space.

Plus, what you see now is the current season’s collection; in two months’ time, everything moves around again. I’d love to have automation, but these solutions are bulky, expensive, they force you to change your workflow and worse cannot deal with the constant changes and adjustments I need to make.

Logistics are fluid, and automation is rigid. That’s the problem.

And it turned out that 80% of warehouses are facing the same problem. Ranging from 3PL to automotive to manufacturing, operations are grounded to manual labor because solutions don’t measure up to evolving needs nor deliver the agility required by the demands of modern logistics environments.

So we asked: What if you could create an automation system that is robust enough to maintain the efficiency and reliability of machines while also offering the agility of people? A smart solution that could go anywhere a worker goes and make continuous, reliable ad-hoc decisions in a constantly changing environment. The solution would need to be “retrofitted” onto existing operations and make no changes to existing workflow while keeping Capex investment to a bare minimum. It would be automation designed to immediately adapt to the business or grow along with new demand.

And the concept of “flexible autonomous automation” was born.

Today, backed by Amazon and after years of development on the floors of warehouses working side by side with warehouse leaders,

this concept is now our solution, called SqUID.

Our Vision

BionicHIVE’s vision is to deliver versatile and cost-effective automation for picking and replenishment to existing warehouses of all sizes, worldwide.

USA | Denver, Colorado
IsraeL | Sderot

The company now comprises a robust Research and Development center in Sderot, Israel.

The Management and Installation teams are based in Denver, Colorado and we have additional staff working remotely at various locations in the United States and Israel.

Leading Team

Liran Raizer

CEO and Co-Founder

Olivier Haddad

CTO and Co-Founder

Galit Patkin

GM, VP Finance

Uri Cohen

VP Operations

Gili Ovadia

VP Business Development

Liat Agai


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